Manufactured Home Mortgage Financing Options.

Financing a brand new manufactured home is easier than ever. Major nationwide lenders like Fannie Mae & Freddy Mac have expanded their manufactured home lending programs. These institutions have responded to the demand for durable high quality homes at an affordable price. If you have questions about a manufactured home mortgage the best place to start is with our new home team.

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First step to finance a Manufactured Home?

When you start looking into a mortgage the first question is going to be “how much do you need”. That is where our experts come in. We can give you a tour of the wide range of homes we have on display. You can start planning what your home will look like. After the tour our experts can help you figure out how much your home will cost. Lets get started with the first step today.

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Low Down Payments and 30 Year Fixed Rates.

Many of today’s manufactured homes with features similar to site-built homes can be financed through conventional mortgages, with little money down and budget-friendly monthly payments.

The Manufactured Home Mortgage Process

Step 1

Visit the Factory Direct Homes store.

Step 2

Choose a floor plan and customize your homes design with our experts.

Step 3

Get qualified through a manufactured home lender.

Step 4

Let Factory Direct Homes take care of delivery and installation of your custom home.

Step 5

Close your mortgage loan.

Fannie Mae’s MH Advantage Mortgage.

“Manufactured homes that are eligible for an MH Advantage mortgage include these features:

  • Meets certain construction, architectural design, and energy-efficiency standards more aligned with site-built homes
  • Installed with a driveway and a sidewalk connecting the driveway, carport, or detached garage
  • Higher-pitch roof lines and exterior features like dormers and covered porches” ~Fannie Mae’s Website

Freddy Mac’s CHOICEHome® Mortgages

CHOICEHome® is our innovative, affordable mortgage initiative, offering conventional site-built financing for real-property factory-built homes, that are built to the HUD Code and have the features of a site-built home. When a factory-built home meets certain prescribed specifications, it is granted CHOICEHome certification and is eligible for CHOICEHome financing.” ~Freddy Mac’s Website

Even More Financing Choices.

Fannie Mae & Freddy Mac are just two examples of the many financing options. There are a wide range of manufactured home financing options available. If you have any questions about finding a loan for your dream give us a call at 1-530-895-5540.