Unlike most dealers, Factory Direct Homes is a place where you can get the true feel of the homes you are considering. Rather than simply flipping through a catalog or looking at a few low-end houses without the fit and finish you desire. Our manufactured home dealership keeps more than 10 quality homes on the sales lot at all times. Our homes are completely set up and furnished. You can get an idea how each of the homes would fit your lifestyle. Check out the workmanship and materials in each of the homes. Experience how the floor plans flow, and imagine the view from your living room window.

Experience Our Manufactured Homes

Mix and Match Features

With the number of homes we have set up, it is quite likely that you’ll find some things to love about some or all of them. Often, we find customers like the kitchen in one home and the bathroom in another. The good news is, unlike a traditional, site-built home, it’s possible to switch things around and give you exactly the custom home you desire. Manufactured homes do offer considerable flexibility in floor plans, room set ups, materials and finishes. There are a lot of choices that you can make to tailor the home to exactly what you want. You can use the homes on our lot for inspiration.

Experience Our Homes

The Ultimate Home Buyers Experience

Rather than buying your new manufactured home without ever touching or seeing the finished product, you should visit Factory Direct Homes. Our homes are both furnished and decorated, so they feel like home. Spend some time relaxing on the sofa, sit on the porch or see how the kitchen and dining area feels as the heart of your new home. You wouldn’t buy a traditional home sight unseen, so don’t make that mistake when shopping for a manufactured home. Instead, make time to go to visit Factory Direct Homes and see which style of home is perfect for you and your family.

Call 888-895-5540 to schedule a guided tour through the homes at our Chico California manufactured home dealership.