Whether you have a spacious walk-in or a cramped corner armoire, every closet could use a little organization. To make the best use of your available space, we recommend following these four tips.

Take Stock, Trim Down

If you’re itching for a wardrobe reboot, there’s no need to hit the mall just yet. Most of us have more clothes than we know what to do with, languishing in the confines of cluttered closets while we wear the same tired togs to tatters. Though it may be painful to get rid of your favorite dress from high school, for your closet to achieve maximum organization, it’s time to purge your wardrobe.

The best way to get started is to take everything out and sort it into garments to keep, out-of-season clothing to put into storage, pieces to donate, and items to toss. It’s also a great time to find new homes for any non-clothes items taking up valuable space, like workout equipment or books.

Measure Twice

Once everything is out of the closet, take measurements of areas where you plan to add shelving or furniture. If you have a clear idea of the space you have to work with, it is easier to select storage pieces. New customers can view the selection of closets available in our manufactured homes by visiting us on the lot; we are happy to help take measurements and discuss the best way to use your new storage areas.

Take Advantage of Unconventional Spaces

Don’t let valuable real estate go to waste—use hardware to make use of wall space and the backs of doors by affixing hooks, bars, and dowels. Be sure to select hardware that can stand up to the weight of your clothing.

Don’t Skimp on Hangers

Manufactured Home Closet organization Tips Quality hangers make a huge difference when it comes to closet organization. Your hangers should be part of a matched set, though it is important to have the right hanger for the right piece of clothing. Wooden hangers are the most versatile and durable, making them well worth the investment. Wire hangers should be avoided altogether as they can damage your clothing and they do not hold up well over time.

We are pleased to offer several styles of luxury and affordable closets for our homes. For more tips on getting organized, maximizing space, or to view our custom closet options, contact us today.