Barbecue season, pool parties, fireworks and fishing trips—all the fun of sunny summer is right around the corner! Now is the time to get your manufactured home ready for entertaining; below, we’ve assembled our favorite, most cost-effective ways to get your home ready for barbecue season. Scroll on to learn more!

Give your AC unit a Tuneup

Don’t let a malfunctioning AC system make you sweat. Give your unit an annual checkup before the weather gets warm—this will help head off any issues before they turn into major problems. Be sure your HVAC tech checks refrigerant levels, fan functionality, checks the wiring for wear, and cleans the coils.

Clean out the Gutters

Your gutters should get a thorough cleaning at least twice each year—once at the end of the fall and once right before the start of summer. Keeping your gutters clear of debris helps to prevent leaks, clogs, and ice dams in the winter.

Pressure wash your siding and decks

A routine clean of your manufactured home’s exterior will help remove mildew and dirt. It is a quick, easy way to give your manufactured home a fresh look without painting, replacing siding, or exterior renovations. Be sure to cover any plants, windows, and exterior electrical outlets to minimize the risk of damage.


Inspect your Windows

While you are covering your windows before a pressure wash, take a few moments to give them a thorough examination. Check that all sealants are intact and that your weather stripping is in good shape.

Replace any worn or damaged weather stripping right away, and use caulk to seal any gaps between windows and frames.

Inspect your Roof

Giving your manufactured home an annual roof inspection is an excellent way to prevent problems from occurring, plus it can keep quick-fix repairs from turning into big headaches down the line.

With a bit of time and almost zero effort, these tips can help get your manufactured home ready for summer fun. The experts at Factory Direct Homes are your local source for info and expert advice—if you are looking to sell your manufactured home, are in the market to buy, or would like more great home improvement and maintenance tips, contact our team today.